Meet my Travel Buddies

When people of the same mindset are together then, even the most difficult task like planning becomes easy & fun.

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Anusha Prakash


An Architect by profession. Love hiking, passionate about baking & always eager to explore new places.
I also believe that travel helps us grow into a great personality, educate and get inspired.


Rahul Prabhakar

Business Analyst

Traveling is something that's more than a vacation to me, its an escape from all the chaos! Life for me happens between two trips and when one is done, there will be another plan ready for the next one!

Shikhi Bhat img

Shikhi Bhat


Passionate about trekking & trying out new adventures. The part I love most about travel is experiencing something unfamiliar, which helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses & I feel that Travel is the best stress reliever ever.


Ritam Srivastava

Electronics Engineer

Love hiking, exploring new places with some thrill and adventures along the way. The reason I travel is not just to go explore new places but to introspect myself as well. Traveling makes you ponder over your thoughts and loosen up yourself.  


Bhuvana Nanaiah


Travelling makes one humble and gives us the realization the world is so much more than our tiny little bubble. Every place has it's own different story to tell, adventure to experience, and learnings to take back home with you.


Raghuveer Venkatesh

Software Engineer

The reason I travel is mainly because I definitely enjoy it and also it expands my perspective on life. It helps open your mind. You realize that there’s no one way to live life. Meeting people from other places will show you that your world view isn’t the same as everyone else’s.  


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